How does Qualia compare to TC?

Qualia is designed to turn the Client (Realtor, Lender) into a data entry escrow officer.

TitleCapture is designed to generate more deals.


1. Does not provide a Title Quote Widget. Users are taken off of their own, branded web app, to another webpage (i.e.

2. Clients are made to choose from competing title companies in the area EVERY time they do a quote.

3. The client has to manually add each line item for the quote.

4. Personal Branding and Marketing is not a possibility on Qualia.

5. If the client email attempting to signup is setup with another Title Company, this email cannot be used to create a new account.

6. The following features are not available through Qualia:

  • Buyers Estimate
  • Big Deal Tracking
  • Social Media Sharing
  • TRID vs Actuals


1. Provides users with a Title Quote Widget. Users are not taken off of their own website/branded app in order to run a quote. It is done all through the app and/or website Title Capture has create for you.

2. Clients do not have to select/compare quotes from title companies in the area.

3. Line Items are programmed into the app via request; clients are not required to add in fees line by line.

4. Each Title Company's personal branding (logo, Site Format, Images, etc) is incorporated into each app. The system is simply run by TitleCapture underneath your company's already existing marketing and branding.

5. Clients are not restricted from signing up for a new Title Company's app if their email is already registered with another one.

6. TitleCapture offers the following features that Qualia does not:

  • Buyers Estimate
  • Big Deal Tracking
  • Social Media Sharing
  • TRID vs Actuals

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