What does the Admin Account do?

Each Title Company should have at least one Admin Account. An admin is a Title Rep account that has been given admin rights.

Admin Account Types can perform the following:

  • View all clients in the app, their analytics, activities and edit their profile details (as opposed to only the clients assigned to that particular Title Rep)
  • Manage Title Reps
  • View all Title Reps
  • Reassign to different offices
  • View the client activity of specific Title Reps
  • Edit Title Rep profiles and reset passwords
  • Adding/Removing of Title Reps requires an email be sent to support@titlecapture.com
  • Edit Widget Settings
  • Default Office for anonymous quotes on the widget and app
  • Set the email address from which anonymous quotes are sent from
  • View Captured Leads
  • View and export captured leads from anonymous users who supplied their email address
  • Can quote in any region the client is set up for, regardless of the office assignment

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